Just Ask Me   Submit   "Ah, Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch."-Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper
"Maybe you'll get hit by a car and die! LOL, right?"-Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler


    What made Jim so happy this morning.

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    What I do when 14 year olds say how in love with their bf/gf of 3 weeks they are and can’t wait to spend the rest of their life with them: 



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    "We hate each other in real life. Yeah, whenever I’m around her I just turn vicious because she brings it all out on me." -Adam Scott

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    Sheldon Cooper and Jerry Lewis inspired by roleplaying with my sister.

    I edited these with Paint and

    Looks good considering the tools lol

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    Sheldon standing up for the Shamy!

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